Hello. This is my first blog post. Original huh? Why do I feel the need to add my voice to the countless other views and opinions already expressed on the internet? Well, because I can. It’s partly ego. A believe I have something to say and partly a desire to change.

I think there is a lot of shit in the world. An awful lot. I think a lot of that shit needs to be changed. I believe we change things by altering the world around us. Maybe an opinion I express here might help to do that and start to move the world I see into something more like a world I care to inhabit. One thing is for sure. If I sit back and watch the world and my time float away I will change nothing.

I was talking to a friend the other week about the EU Referendum. There was a lot of weighty discussion around the table about global domination and right and left political positions. My friend said that the only way we can change the world is by our own single acts of kindness, one at a time. That really resonated with me. It cut through all the rhetoric and absolutely nailed it. We can’t change the world by shouting the odds of how it should be. WE can ONLY change how WE live our lives, and in doing so change the world around us. No outside imposed ideology can or will change a thing. These are doctrines that will suck us in then spit us back out, and we will be no better for it.

It that small simple phrase my friend summed up what we, or rather I, need to do to change the world and our/my lives/life. It is simple acts that change the world, not grand gestures. When great people tell us that true power is with us, this is what they mean. So this blog is my effort at trying to do something positive and progressive in my life.

The other reason I want to put together a blog is because its an easy way to climb a Mountain in my mind. I have harboured a desire for a long time to do something more meaningful in my life than just earn money. The job I do allows me to write a fair bit, although the writing is churn, rather than anything more broadly creative. What it has allowed if for me to hone skills in becoming more literate, as well as being able to convey a message with some clarity.

I read Stephen King’s On Writing, where the author shares his clearly useful knowledge of his craft. The big thing I took away from his book is that if you want to be a writer you need to write. Every day. No fucking about. Just write. After I read that I started to write a story. The longest story I have ever written. I just sat whenever I could spare the time and I wrote. I wrote and wrote. For about a month. Then I dried up. Then I felt bad about not writing. Then I became concerned about all sorts of things that I imagine other want-to-be writers and journalists become concerned with. What about my audience? Who were they? Would they like me? Will I ever get published? Who will I share my work with before I apply to be published? When will I find the time? Is it any good? Is it too big? Is it too small? Sex, Sex, Sex.  That’s all you ever think about. Come on Brian, lets go to the stoning!

In short, I started to eat myself up with my own personal criticisms. The end result being that I veered away from that time writing and concentrated on other, less productive things. But it remains that I want to write and I want to get better at it. And occasionally I will gravitate back to the keyboard and write with great enthusiasm, until I am tired and then I come back to it the next day, and its not what I thought it was, so I become disillusioned and I leave it. Then I come back and start again. And so it goes.

So now I’m here. I now have a platform where I can instantly publish my thoughts and ideas to the world and they can be received however. Frankly, I don’t care as long as I am getting my words down and out there.

The third facet to this is that as I get older I want a platform to express an opinion. There are very few places that I can do that without some kind of filter being applied which distorts my view. This is an ideal lens in which I can not only air my view, but also let that opinion out for my own inspection. In doing so I may change my view. Which contrary to popular consensus is something we are all able to do quite freely. By the way, this is my opinion. Not yours. So, if I think something that doesn’t sit with the way you see the world, ah well, get over it. I use swear words, I say how I feel and sometimes (although not very often) I get things wrong. My intentions are good even if they may seem contentious.

So what might you expect to find here. Keep coming back to find out. Contact me on the contact form if you think there is something that might spark some interest.

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