Writer’s Block

This has been weighing me down. I keep meaning to write something, thinking about it. Then nothing happens. Things get in the way and I just never seem to get in front of the keyboard. I think about it and then somehow the lack of action turns into guilt. I begin to feel bad for not writing. Then writing seems like an unpleasurable activity. Which, in actuality, it is not.

Here I am though. Back behind the keyboard. The world has apparently radically altered. But for all the talk of catastrophic consequence, it doesn’t seem much has changed. Britain has a strained relationship with the EU. Check. A megalomaniac is in charge of the Whitehouse. Check. Internationalists and global corporations still retain the real power in the world. Check. So business as usual. Ah yes. Sit back relax. Listen to the news. Read the paper. Believe the media. No vested interest there. 

There’s the rub. Vested interest is manifest. Nobody really knows who to trust. People place trust in an opportunity for change rather than a person or political movement. I’m not sure Brexit or Trump would have happened if the perception of an established elite, controlling things behind the scenes, was not a prevailing mindset. I’m not sure there is an appetite for armed revolution in the west. Rising up in a bloody civil war only to form a new establishment hasn’t proven that effective. 

Start taking away people’s iPhones and you might see that wind begin to change. The docilility of the herd seems far from being shaken off into a stampede. Take away the proverbial opiates and the world may begin to alter. Until then we can sit by and bolster our incredulity with each fresh outrage. 

Feels good the get the fingers back on the keys though. 

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