Unite For Freedom Protest Rally

Thousands of people came out on Saturday 29th August to protest against government restrictions against life, liberty and livelihood.

Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square 29th August 2020

Thousands of people came out on Saturday 29th August to protest against government restrictions against life, liberty and livelihood. The resounding message was that in the face of increasingly illogical and irrelevant government mandates, targeting the general populace, a voice of opposition to these draconian measures shall be heard.

Organisers estimated that attendance was around 35,000. Not a bad turn out considering there has been almost no media publicity in the lead up to the demonstration. A stark contrast from the ‘Anti-Brexit’ protests of 2019 (Ah, remember Brexit!) which received wall to wall coverage on the mainstream media outlets in the lead up to the big day. Predictably, corporate media coverage of the protest was bias against protesters, implying an organisation of fringe nutters putting right minded ordinary law abiding citizens at risk.

But the truth of the focus of the ire was evident for all to see, for those that care to look. On the Saturday of the August Bank Holiday Weekend when London would ordinarily be heaving with tourists, restaurants and pubs overflowing with clientele, museums and galleries queuing round the block, the great city lay disquietingly still. The only discernible noise was the din of the protesters cheering speakers, drowning out the oppressive police helicopter surveying the jubilantly waving crowd.

And what of the nutters, the crazies, the loons? Did they attend? Amongst the throng of the maskless unsocially distanced crowd there was a glimmer of the ‘old normal’. Remember that?

I popped over the road to the Tesco Metro to buy some food. The line of people queuing, all gloriously naked faced. The only government compliant shoppers were two police officers buying their lunch also. They were masked but notably not handing out tickets to the proud unmuzzled majority. From this juxtaposition against the so called ‘new normal’ came the realisation: Perhaps these people attending this rally aren’t actually the nutters. Perhaps the madness is far more widespread!

These after all are the people who have the will to disregard authority when it tells us that it knows what is best for us, while it drives businesses to bankruptcy and the isolated to suicide. Or when we are being told we must comply to keep the vulnerable safe, while compulsory ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders are placed on the elderly in care homes and care homes are bribed to take Covid patients. Or when we are told that we must protect the NHS so it is not overwhelmed for a few weeks, then 6 months down the line the NHS is so damaged by Covid-19 policy it cannot provide care for 15 million people in need of vital treatment.

These are the people who are questioning the statistics, challenging the mandates and calling for ‘normal life’ to resume. They are not telling people to get used to a ‘new normal’, to be fearful and to sacrifice freedom for safety. In the face of the insanity of our so called ‘world leaders’ this gathering of like minds was a spirited cry for freedom, sanity and for the rule of reason to prevail.

On the way home we passed through the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush to collect the car. The number of mask wearing consumers was probably equal to those in attendance at the protest. It reaffirmed that the protesters message is still well beyond the majority. Yet compare the numbers to the 500 or so who attended the first protest at Hyde Park Corner on 16 May 2020. Take heart, the movement against the Covid-19 madness is growing fast. Fear not, for you are not alone.

Author: Rich Mountain

Podcast and blogger. Trained as a journalist and worked in newspapers and mainstream media institutions before disillusionment sent me on a completely different path. Working independently as a journalist and researcher to seek the nature of truth.

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