Mountain Views Podcast – Episode 1 – God

The inaugural Mountain Views Podcast for your enjoyment. Please take a moment to listen. Feel free to download and distribute.

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An awakening is happening. How do we make sense of what is happening in the world? With so much information available, how do we discern what’s real? Are we but passive observers, or active participants? What do we do with the answers we find? Do we just forget them and move on? This is an investigation into truth, if such can be sought. A catalogue of the journey of my own awakening. I share my experience and hopefully go someway to inform your experience. I explore ideas from the things I read and consume, the people I meet and relate my impressions from the experiences I have. This is a presentation in the truth I seek, with a side order of cheese.

In this episode I cover the Why? Why have I chosen to do what I am doing? Why bother at all in a world swimming with Podcasts.

Transcript follows:

Hello and welcome to the inaugural Mountain Views Podcast. I’m Rich Mountain and this is my first view.

So why am I doing this?

Why would I spend my time putting together a podcast in a world already swimming with podcasts?

I listen to 5 or 6 podcasts every week. And I don’t spend much time exploring for new content. So I don’t imagine for a minute that by uploading this I’m suddenly going to gain have an audience of thousands. But I’m not really here to gain a big audience, although it’s always nice to know that you work is well received and your efforts are not in vain.

This broadcast is an attempt to explore truth.

Even saying that out loud sounds incredibly pretentious to my ear, but it is my honest intention.

In around the beginning of the year 2020 I felt an awakening in my spirit. This was unusual as I had pretty much decided up until this point in my life that spirituality was a lot of old woo. My outlook was that the likes of Richard Dawkins, who describes religion as a delusion, was probably correct, and that if there was anything like a spirit it was beyond the capability of man to explain.

I think now I was foolish in believing that. I think ultimately what Dawkins offers nothing is more than another set of beliefs. Beliefs that cannot be fundamentally proven and carry their own dogma.

I realised that I have spent my life trapped in a cycle where my beliefs fostered by fashions and concern over other people’s perceptions of me were holding me back. Was I thinking the right thing?

What do other people think about that?

Am I right about that?

For years I have dipped in and out of independent media channels, such as The Corbett Report and Richard Groves’ Tragedy and Hope podcast series. Another show that has had a big impact on me, although I can only listen in bite-size chunks. Is Mark Passio’s What on Earth Is Happening pod cast.

I have been listening to these with sceptical interest, but unwilling to let go of my investment in the mainstream, I have always been reticent to fully embrace their content.

Within these pod casts and others such as the School Sucks pod cast various re-occurring concepts seeded into my mind. Principally, three concepts have led me to being here now speaking these words into your ears.  I must admit to having taken a long time to formulate a beneficial understanding of these three.

They are Anarchism, Natural Law and the Trivium, the first three subjects of the seven liberal arts of classical education. Despite the excellent definitions given within the aforementioned podcasts, I have had to listen three or four times, sometimes more, before I started to grasp an understanding.

At about the same time as I began my awakening, in the spiritual rather than intellectual, the whole world changed. The UK went into lockdown in apparent response to a potentially deadly virus and one could not fail to be concerned. Because of my exposure to the independent media my reaction was somewhat more panicked than most. The lockdown coincided with quite a serious potentially business destroying problem I had caused at work and I felt literally shaken to my core. I must admit I was terrified. I had no idea what to believe anymore. As far as I was concerned shutting down the global economy was going to have a very negative effect to everyone in a very short space of time. I was on the precipice.

I started talking to friends and I was convinced from the outset that this whole notion of a lockdown an extreme government intervention imposed upon our lives, not to protect public health, but to gain control. I have lost many friends this year.

I shutdown all my media streaming services. I cut back on any unnecessary expense. As the bad news kept rolling out and the media manufactured fear began having its inevitable effect I started making some life altering decisions.

I got rid of my smart phone and switched to a basic Nokia. I already had stopped watching TV daily but took the decision to actively avoid mainstream media altogether. It’s harder than it sounds. And I cursed myself because all the time that I had devoted to these various distractions in my life I had neglected the things that were important.

I picked up the Bible. I had read it before, but this time I read it with an open mind. I wasn’t reading it looking for the holes and the lack of scientific language. I asked the question if there is a God, why does he not show himself when we most need him. I got the answer, read the book of Job. I read it. It answered my question. I went and I read the Gospels. Rather than seeing Jesus as a magic man, agent of the all powerful sky wizard, I read his words and began to understand them. At the same time I read the Kyballion, a late 19th-century to early 20th-century essay based upon hermetic philosophy. The concepts expressed in both books augmented my understanding of Natural Law, which evolved my understanding of anarchism.

In a very short time, from feeling terrified that the sound of jackboots would soon be marching down my street and the warped version of anarchism sold to us by mainstream media would soon take hold, I began to take control of myself. Without Netflix, television, newspapers, nights out with friends, alcohol and the other myriad of distractions, I found that my chattering mind was beginning to quell.

I began to be able to relate many of the ideas and concepts that I had picked up over the last 10 years and formulate them into something coherent. And I felt my life tangibly improving. I was still angry. I had been angry my whole adult life. I was angry at everybody not seeing what I was seeing, I was angry at my direction. And angry at myself. But in these moments where I started to formulate a clearer understanding of an authority higher than myself my anger abated.

So, what’s the point of this pod cast? Well, it is my attempt at trying to explain my journey and to describe my views with you whilst I continue my exploration. I hope, it is useful to you. If its not, forget about it, move on, find something different. Life is too short to waste.

If you know anything about the Trivium,this is my rhetoric. The last year has been my logic and the time before that my grammar. The trivium is not so easily defined and I find that my hunger for grammar is beyond the time I have left, my application of logic is a dull tool that I must continually sharpen and my rhetoric has only just begun.

So where to start? Well, the principal thing that takes up more time than I should allow it is this imposed condition were we find ourselves in. What should I call it? The pandemic. The Covid narrative. A great deception. I’m sure whatever I call it, it would not adequately describe it.

What I do know is on April 24, 2021 I attended a march in defiance of UK government restrictions and impositions on the people’s lives. By my estimation there was over 100,000 people there. I think that was a conservative estimate. There were a lot of us. It was an amazing day. Everybody was so happy. We walked along singing Bob Marley Don’t Worry About a Thing. Everyone was peaceful, even the police in attendance were low-key, friendly and seemingly sympathetic to our cause.

When I got home, I couldn’t help myself but just check to see what coverage the BBC had decided to give it. I said it was harder than it sounds.

There was none. The next day I did a Google search, I am not proud, but I wanted to see how the press dealt with it. I was confronted with pictures of bleeding policeman and vitriolic headlines from the Sun, the Daily Mail and other mainstream news sources telling me “Two cops in hospital among eight hurt as thugs throw bottles in violent clashes at lockdown protest” and “Anti-lockdown protests shocking and disappointing, say doctors”.

Other than that, the media had collectively decided that the protest was in no way newsworthy.

Another March happened on 15 May 2021. I had planned to take my microphone and recorder up to London to interview and document the day, so you can decide for yourself whether these people who are attending these rallies are being fairly represented by a balanced and impartial media.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get my act together and I didn’t make it. A much bigger protest is planned for 29 May, which I will be attending. So, I will keep you updated with that and hopefully have a future pod cast episode which provides a first-hand account. The 29 May event is expected to be enormous.

It was interesting to note that despite an estimated 100,000 protesters passing by the BBC’s Broadcasting House in central London, the BBC still did not manage to provide an iota of coverage. Perhaps 100,000 people in a continual procession passed their doors chanting “shame on you” was still not enough to wake them from their slumber.

However, they did manage to cover the Palestinian protest concerning the war crimes perpetuated by the Israeli Defence Force and Benjamin Netanyahu’s tottering government on the people of Gaza. I personally think the protesters from both protests should have joined forces, as they were all ultimately marching for freedom.

The BBC have subsequently made up for their lapse in judgement of actually reporting the pro-Palestinian protest by their biased reporting of the oppression that is taking place in Gaza. The BBC seemed to be intent on representing the violence as in some way equitable. With their weighting of the violence seemingly apparently equally balanced between each faction.

I’m not saying for a moment that there is not violence from the Palestinians, and rocket attacks are being launched into Israeli areas. What I am saying is the might of the Israeli military is not comparable to the comparatively small arms and rock throwing of the Palestinians. Many of whom are not military trained personnel but children. I haven’t seen any reports this week of the Palestinians agreeing multi-million-pound arms deals with the United States. However, I did read a Reuters news report dated 17 May 2021 that the Biden administration had approved a $735 million arms deal with Israel. Demonstrating the US’s commitment to the Middle East peace process.

Apparently, some of the same bombs agreed in that deal are the same ones that toppled a media tower block building located in Gaza that housed associated press, Al Jazeera and the BBC. The BBC of course failing to cover the destruction of their own building. But I digress.

So where should I invest my time in this pandemic narrative? The question as to whether I should or not has already been decided for me. The situation is so all-encompassing it is difficult, nay impossible, to avoid. The media and everyone who unquestioningly believes what the media tells them seem to think they can make my mind up for me. I didn’t believe it would happen until it began to happen over the last two weeks that there would be a coordinated effort to pitch the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. But it’s happening and without any reasonable platform to make an objection. So many things are happening now that I couldn’t possibly have believed would have happened 18 months ago. It seems that every week throws up some new lie that is peddled by the presstitutes as if it is preordained fact. 

If you haven’t guessed already, I don’t believe in lockdown,
I don’t believe in experimental gene therapy,
I don’t believe in corporate censorship,
I don’t believe in technocracy,
I don’t believe in no debate,
I don’t believe in the mass media lies,
I don’t believe in “The science”,
I don’t believe in The New Normal
I don’t believe in Building Back Better, and
I don’t believe in Covid.

I just believe in me. Me and my own ability. To discern what I believe to be true. And all those people who can see through the lies. All those people who would dance in the street to Bob Marley. While those around them stand on the side-lines, shaking their heads. Ashamed of the way we’re behaving. Judging us. Because we haven’t done the easy thing. Because we’re doing the hard thing. We are standing up for something we truly believe in. Freedom.

We don’t want to live in a homogenised world. We want to live in something more beautiful than that. An idea that hasn’t died. That very much exists inside all of us. And that the people in charge, or who think they’re in charge, want to kill.

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