Unite For Freedom Day – London – 29th May 2021

Unite for Freedom - London - 29th May 2021

The Unite for Freedom march is to be held in London on 29th May 2021. It is anticipated to be the most enormous event of its kind.

Literally millions of people are expected to attend in opposition to compulsory mask mandates, draconian lockdown, coerced medical interventions, bodily autonomy, the right of informed consent, the right to medical freedom, digital identity cards, biometric technocracy, freedom from tyranny and many other totalitarian objectives being rolled out without any meaningful opposition or scrutiny.

I found the above image widely posted on Twitter. I will be in attendance to record the event and to provide an alternative perspective to the hatchet job that is expected by the corporate media. Watch this space for a podcast update.

The people in attendance will no doubt be bringing their senses of humour and fun, and not negativity or violence.

Do not feed state violence. Oppose it.

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