Unite For Freedom London 29th May 2021 1pm

The Unite For Freedom London 29th May 2021 1pm.

The Unite for Freedom march is to be held in London tomorrow, 29th May 2021 beginning at 1pm. It is to be the most enormous event of its kind. According to the above flyer taken from Twitter, Parliament Square will be filled. I don’t think there will not be enough room to fit us all in.

One million plus people are expected to attend, to oppose compulsory mask mandates, end draconian lockdowns, stop coerced medical interventions, child safety, a Health Service, bodily autonomy, the right of informed consent, the right to medical freedom, freedom of speech, opposing digital identity cards and the biometric technocracy, freedom from tyranny, and… All the other totalitarian objectives being rolled out, without a platform for opposition, debate or scrutiny!

I found the above image widely posted and reposted on Twitter. I shall be in attendance to record the event for the next podcast. Providing an alternative perspective to the biased corporate media.

If your coming bring good vibes, humour and fun. Do not feed the state violence.

Follow the flags! Looking forward to joining you all and showing off the best of the human spirit. Stay strong, Stay healthy and Stay Alert.

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