Mountain Views Podcast – Episode 2 – Free Will

The second Mountain Views Podcast for your enjoyment. Please take a moment to listen. Feel free to download and distribute.

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An exploration into a reoccurring theme, Free Will, and how we choose to use it. A march to Unite For Freedom in London 29th May 2021 brought at least 750,000 people together to protest government policy surrounding the WHO declared ‘pandemic’. The day was not without incident. Was this just a rag tag bunch of conspiracy theorists? Why did they attend? and, Why bother?

Transcript follows:

Welcome to the second episode of Mountain Views. I’m Rich Mountain. This is my view.
Do not blame concepts. Blame people for their actions. We have complete control over our actions. This episode is about free-will and how one chooses to use it.
Just imagine what kind of person you would have to be to consciously profit from the suffering of others. To know that without your investment, the wrong action that causes another harm, would not happen. But you do it anyway.
To impose one’s view of how you think other people should live. Because there are many of them and so few of you.
To actively amass enormous wealth while you are conscious that there are millions of people in grinding poverty, without homes, starving.
You do not pay tax, because you are philanthropically “investing” your wealth to create a “better society”. A society that you decide upon. Because you have the means to make them. The more you invest, the more you get back. A twenty to one return. Just good with money, I guess?
Just imagine the sort of person, who could look you in the face and tell you they are helping you, when they are actively hurting you.
A person so powerful they can place their influence where they wish. They can buy what they need, whenever they need it.
Everything is a contract. Every interaction. Every relationship. As with any contract, the more powerful party always dominates. The contract is the key. It cannot be done unless a contract is formed. Leverage.
Good people do bad things of their own free will.
They always believe they never had a choice, until they realise, you have always got a choice. That’s about one of the only things you do have. And it can’t be taken away from you.

I used public transport for the first time in 15 months. I have avoided it because I do not want to get into a confrontation about not wearing a mask and I find being around lots of people wearing masks is somewhat bad for the spirit.
I had expected to get much more hassle and/or filthy looks. I didn’t get any. In fact, I was surprised that the great British public seem to give only perfunctory committal to wearing masks. Many wear them just over their mouths or loose fitted. Most masks look grubby. It does not feel like a concerted attempt to prevent virus. Moreover, lip service for an easy life.
When I started my journey, I was the only one without a mask. By the time I got to Parliament Square I was delighted to enter a space where there was barely a masked face in sight. A heaving throng of people had gathered to Unite For Freedom.

Who were these people though? Why had they come here today?
If I had only watched the TV News or read newspapers, or -even if my attention had been focussed by Google, Facebook and Twitter algorithms that attune one’s virtue – I would believe these people to be nothing more than a couple of hundred rabble hoard of extremist conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers. Getting drunk and having a scrap with the police. Are the sort of people that attend these things fairly represented?
What I can tell you about these people is that they are extremely diverse, both politically and demographically. There seems to be an equal representation of men and women. There are people of all ages, races, religions, sexual orientations and however else one would wish to categorise people. And they are attending with genuinely held concern for all manner of reasons. Concerns for public safety using a never before used therapy of which ingredients include engineered genetics and nano-tech on the planetary population in response to an apparently man-made virus with an infection to mortality rate of the average flu. The virus appears to be the product of “game of function” research, the process of making viruses more virusy, a branch of research that has been contracted out of the US to labs like the one in Wuhan, because US law prohibits such research on US soil.
The worldwide treatment programme also being predominantly promoted by individuals with a family history of supporting eugenics, and who happen to be heavily invested in the sectors that seem to be profiting most from the status quo. The global gene therapy route being touted by them as the only viable solution to the virus problem. Regardless of other treatment methods which have shown great promise. Any information regarding such treatments is serially ignored, attacked, disregarded, deleted, while a mainstream media march in lockstep with the centrally mandated perspective All the while the regulations stay in place whilst we passively watch the suffering of our communities, the deletion of our freedom and the destruction of individuals. And the protection of children. Protection from the people claiming to be acting for their protection. Another inversion. Are we saying the state knows better or more intuitively than a parent?

So why attend a protest? This is a pointless exercise surely? Who is going to listen? The media have already shown their disinterest in this movement. The only headlines are sure to be negative, so why bother attending at all?
What I found interesting was the masked onlookers and their reaction. What I came to understand was the difference in their beings and the protesters.
The onlookers were extremely cross and hostile. They were angry. They have been frightened. The prospect of so many unvaccinated people brazenly not wearing masks and crying out for freedom must have been an assault on their already terrified senses.

I decided to cut to the chase. So are these people conspiracy theorists?

Just who are these people?
They don’t seem like conspiracy theorists to me. Not if that’s supposed to be a disparaging term anyway.
Most of them seem like ordinary down-to-earth people. With no axe to grind.
They all seem very concerned about what is coming down the line though. I admit it is a concern that I share.
People attending these protests cannot all be tarred with the same brush. An estimated 750,000 people at least attended on 29th of May [I know I said June in the episode] 2021. Yes, some people stuck stickers to some buses and cars. Some people shouted for others to take off their masks and be free. Some people protested inside a shopping centre, which the police then ordered to be closed.
I don’t think their primary motivation is to annoy people. They are genuinely concerned for the future, the shape of society and the control measures that are being made permanent around us. They want people to wake up. Don’t measure others by what other people say about them. Measure them by their actions. Choosing not to do something is a choice.

We are all responsible for our own actions

and inactions.

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