40% Spike in Google News Articles Where People “Died Suddenly”

Correlation does not necessarily mean causation, but it is interesting to note that there has been an almost 40% spike in news articles since containing the search term “died suddenly”, in comparison to the previous year. That year, lest we forget, was the year when we suffered several waves of a deadly virus.

Remember the sudden deaths of all those poor souls in Wuhan, where a camera just happened to catch their untimely demise?

Why did some Wuhan pneumonia patients suddenly fall to the ...
Citizens of Wuhan “died suddenly” from the deadly virus, shortly before the WHO declared a pandemic.

Remember also that the UK vaccine rollout began on 8th December 2020. We still have another month of data before a fair comparison can be drawn. But the figures already indicate that there is something not quite right. My search results showed that between 8th December 2020 and today’s date, 8th November 2021 the number of articles containing the words “died suddenly” cited by Google News returned 119,000 results. Compared that to the previous year, when apparently there was no cure for the deadly virus, the same search term between 12th December 2019 and 8th December 2020 returned 72,200 results. A near 40% spike.

So how do we account for this? We are told the vaccine is working. We are told that the number of Covid deaths is diminishing, along with the number of infections.

The Government’s official MHRA Yellow Card reporting scheme for suspected vaccine injuries reports 1,739 fatalities relating to Covid-19 vaccines up to 1st November 2021. This figure would appear on the low side when there appears to be so much anecdotal evidence that the medicines are not as “safe and effective” as first sold. Further anecdotal evidence points to ignorance amongst the public that such a scheme to record such deaths and injuries even exists.

This is no coup de grâce in respect to proving vaccine safety, but it is another interesting correlation and coincidence in a long line of them. Doubtless it will not be the last as long as we permit this dangerous and sinister ‘Scamdemic’ narrative to perpetuate.

Author: Rich Mountain

Podcast and blogger. Trained as a journalist and worked in newspapers and mainstream media institutions before disillusionment sent me on a completely different path. Working independently as a journalist and researcher to seek the nature of truth.

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