The following links are to websites to learn more about different groups and organisations opposing the march towards global tyranny.

The People’s Lawyer represents two concepts: people and law. TPL is all about giving people the tools and confidence to protect themselves from corporate extortion and government tyranny.

Lawyers for Liberty is an independent, non-political organisation. Members are volunteer lawyers and members of the judiciary who defend individual human rights, the universality of human rights, the rule of law, and equal treatment and fairness in order to maintain the foundation of our democratic and just society.

Workers Of England Union is a fully independent trade union which anyone can join. Their aim is to protect members employment rights.

The Great Re-Opening are a team of volunteers giving up their personal time to save their country. Supporting businesses with information to make an informed decision to reopen or remain open during government mandated lockdowns. 

Back To Normal is a public-facing, grassroots group of lockdown sceptics with the goal of providing factual information to the public.

Guardians 300 act as a global focal point for the practical application of common law and the re-establishment of unalienable and inalienable rights for all men and women, according to the established constitution.

HART group is a group of UK doctors, scientists, economists, psychologists and other academic experts, who came together over shared concerns about policy and guidance recommendations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Stand in the Park unites people in parks all over the world every Sunday morning, 10-11am local time. We Stand in the Park to celebrate freedom, diversity and fairness for all.

Corona Investigative Committee. An objective and unsparing analysis of the overall situation, including the crisis management of the federal and state governments. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s website.

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