The Language of Violence is the Language of Tyranny

The apocalypse means the great revealing. Revelations mean the same. We have waited long enough and the warnings that have been given have been ignored. Our path has led us to the zenith of ignorance of our own free will. The choices we have made we must live by, or indeed, die by. There is no way back. For we have swum in our own conceit for too long. Believing that the consequences of our actions can be excused, or explained away, or worst still, blamed on others. This train has too much momentum to stop now. It is our own unstoppable force, and just ahead is the immovable object.

All is not lost. We still have free will. We still have natural law. The teachings of Christ. Call it what you will. We can still communicate with each other and God through our words and actions. Whichever language we care to use. Now, more than ever before, we must choose our language wisely.

Dark forces hate truth. For where there is truth, there is light, where darkness cannot dwell. Have you noticed on bright days how darkness must hide behind things? It cannot survive in the light. Dark forces rail against truth. Using coercion to bend free will to do its bidding.

If coercion does not work, force is applied. Brutish physical force to bring the victim to a state of compliance. An ugly attempt at removing free will from the individual. It is violence. It is the language of desperation. When a man knows he has lost the argument, spiritually, ideologically and morally. It is the true language of the profane. The bedfellow of lies.

Whether you are religiously orientated or not, the story of the crucifixion shows us what we can be. Wrongly accused, betrayed for material gain, hated for speaking truth to dogma, coerced towards tempting God; Jesus, with all the power of the creator, let men exercise their will. He suffered agonising pain (both physical and emotional), doubt, then death. But did not exercise vengeance, or violence or wrath. As Pilate learned, you cannot wash your deeds away with water.

So now, with warnings ignored, we charge towards our fate. We must live and die by the choices we have made and accept that whatever is to be revealed is now inevitable. Yet we still get to choose the language we use. When all seems as though it has been lost, through our own wilful ignorance or stupidity, we still get to choose.

Do we concede to the language of violence, that has been simmering beneath the surface, goading us into abandoning our free will? Or, do we choose the language of love, that teaches us we have the power to forgive, to turn the other cheek, and to remain resolute in our convictions?

These questions will be answered by each one of us, and we (as we always have and will) must live with the consequences of our free will. The greatest gift we will ever receive.