A Stand In The Park

After months of thinking about it, I finally plucked up the courage to attend my local A Stand in the Park event.

The idea for A Stand in the Park originated in Australia. Brady Gunn began talking about making a Stand for freedom in Facebook videos.

I’m drawing a line in the sand and showing my face for what I believe is right. I’m Standing with the intention to show enough is enough.

Brady Gunn

What one man began has fast become a weekly global movement, where people attend informal gatherings in over 600 parks around the world to make their own Stand against the lunacy of lockdowns, restrictions, experimental gene therapy passports, mandatory medical interventions and all the other Draconian policies that have been enacted in the name of safety since March 2020.

Information inspiring a similar movement to blossom in the UK was shared by FiFi Rose. Due to her and the team’s tremendous efforts, the idea has spread to every corner of the UK. In an article appearing in Breitbart back in September 2021 FiFi Rose said:

We hold the power, the one thing they fear the most is us stepping into our power, embodying our truth and knowing that nobody has any authority over us.

FiFi Rose – Breitbart News

The idea is not complicated. The aim and purpose is to:

  • Wear yellow in unity. (I did not do this and still managed to attend)
  • Meet at the agreed location 10-11am every Sunday worldwide.
  • The purpose is to Stand, not protest.
  • To Stand for truth and freedom.
  • Rain, hail, cyclone, Christmas day… they Stand!

I have often thought of attending, but always found something else that took priority. But having made a conscious decision to be active, not passive, I finally pushed myself out of Sunday morning comfort to meet some fellow humans who don’t mind bracing the cold to take A Stand.

Was it worth it? Most certainly it was. My group is an eclectic cross-section across society who share the same concern that what is being enacted upon societies across the globe is not in our interests as it is being sold. They are passionate enough to Stand together, share ideas and remind themselves that in spite of the censorship, the legacy-media propaganda and their victims (the brainwashed masses) they are not alone. There are other like-minded individuals who are prepared to resist the preordained future sold as an inevitable fact to us.

Is it worth attending your local A Stand in the Park event? Unequivocally, yes it is. If everyone who feels that what is going on in the world at the moment is not quite right, then you will definitely benefit from attending. If everyone who was injured by the experimental gene therapy injection, or lost their job or business, or couldn’t get medical attention, or are struggling to make ends meet due to inflation and the pressures on the supply chains, if all these people all attended and took a Stand the tide would begin to change very swiftly. The one thing that we continue to have is numbers. As this fantastic video from Larkin Rose demonstrates:

So, who goes to A Stand in Park? The answer is everybody is welcome. You do not have to be an activist or protester. You do not need to have a great understanding of politics. You do not need to belong to a certain class, or race, or group, or political persuasion or any other label. You just have to be a human being, who wants to do something to change that which is being forced upon us without any mandate.

If you have been thinking about attending but always found something better to do, I strongly recommend going along and taking your own Stand. It is the difference between feeling like you cannot do anything and feeling as though you are doing something. Personally, that difference is enormous. I felt invigorated after being there for over two hours. I walked away feeling a little less powerless and as though I had a little more purpose.

Fortunately, we do not need to make grand gestures in order to change the world. There are enough of us ordinary folk that if we all made small changes in our lives, the difference that would make to the world would be extraordinary. A stand in the park is testament to this. It began with one man making a stand in a park in Sydney, Australia. And now months later another man who stood in a park in the UK can write about his experience of doing the same with the lots of other diverse and similarly concerned people. Actions begin with ideas. We do not need to make grand or violent gestures. We just need to be willing to make the small changes in our lives that will make the lives of others better. We need to be able to look at ourselves and ask ourselves the difficult questions about what we are willing to permit.

We do not need a World Economic Forum, or a Bilderberg Group, or a Council On Foreign Relations. We just need to know our own minds, look after our own health and serve our own spirit. Importantly, we need to have the courage to act. And when we find the courage to make a Stand we make it easier for the next person to us to also make a Stand.